September 16, 2020

PSO2 Has Suspended 7000+ Accounts For “Dishonest Acts”

By videogamesaction

While it may not seem like it, what with all the RMT spamming on ships, Sega has been taking action against players reported for what they’re terming “Dishonest Acts” in Phantasy Star Online 2. Said acts include real money trading, lending or turning over accounts to someone else, and “acts of nuisance” such as repeatedly not participating during fights.

According to a report posted on the PSO2 site on the 11th, the developer has taken action against over 7,400 accounts — 1500 of which were dealt with between September 4th and September 10th. The post does not state how far back the rest of the suspensions go.

The post goes on to explain in detail what each of the infractions listed above entail. Although, we’re sure you probably know what they consists of already. But, just in case you want anything clarified, you can find the post on the game’s site.

Credit: PSO2 Has Suspended 7000+ Accounts For “Dishonest Acts” – MMO Bomb