September 16, 2020

Create Your Destiny’s Sword Charactor Before Launch

By videogamesaction

Last week, when we reported on 2Dog Game’s plans to demo Destiny’s Sword at Virtual PAX, we also told you about the chance to create your own character prior to the game’s launch via a character quiz. Today, the quiz is available, meaning players can go ahead and start creating their Trooper.

In order to do this players need to go to the survey page and follow the instructions to link their Steam accounts. At that point the survey becomes available. Once 10,000 players have created Troopers, the developer will use them to test Destiny’s Sword via a gameplay simulation. Players that create a character and wishlist the game on Steam will receive monthly progress reports on how their Trooper is doing during sims.

Credit: Create Your Destiny’s Sword Charactor Before Launch – MMO Bomb