September 16, 2020

Apple One subscription bundles Apple Arcade with other Apple services

By videogamesaction

Apple is streamlining its suite of subscription services by solidifying previously-rumored plans to bundle services like Apple Arcade and Apple Music together under a single monthly fee.

As reported in that previous rumor, Apple is breaking down its new Apple One subscription bundle into three tiers, with each offering a slightly different selection of services for between $14.95 and $29.95 when the bundled plan launches this fall.

The idea is that Apple can offer a more enticing deal on subscriptions by offering multiple services in a single bundle, with the added bonus of introducing existing, say, Apple TV Plus users to now-bundled services like Apple Arcade or Apple Music.

Unlike the previous rumor which placed Apple Arcade in only the second and third tier, Apple One’s official launch offers the subscription iOS and MacOS game library across all three tiers. Apple Arcade, along with Apple TV Plus, Apple Music, and 50 GB of iCloud storage make up the “Individual” tier, while the $19.99 “Family” tier offers the exact same but with 200GB of iCloud storage.

The third tier, a $29.95 per month “Premier” tier, offers the same trio of apps alongside Apple News Plus, Apple Fitness Plus, and 2TB of iCloud Storage. Those more expensive tiers follow in Apple Arcade’s footsteps and allow the subscription to be shared with up to six other devices via family sharing.

According to Apple, this makes for monthly savings of $6 per month on the Individual plan, $8 per month on the Family plan, and $25 per month on the Premier plan versus how much its customers would pay on individual service subscriptions.
Credit: Apple One subscription bundles Apple Arcade with other Apple services